Revenge Paley Fest

On Sunday March 11th we went to the Revenge Paley fest panel. I love Revenge and think it’s one of the best new shows this season. Ken hadn’t seen it.

At the panel, every single cast member came over and signed. Ken and I were on opposite sides of the stage and at one point, I passed my clipboard to Joshua Bowman, he took it and just sat on the stage and signed every photo I had. He then got to the last photo and noticed a Nick Weschler was underneath. He walked over the Nick, gave him the clipboard and then Nick did the same thing. At the bottom of my Nick’s were Ashley Madakwe’s and needless to say, this cast was fantastic. They all signed anything we had (except Madeleine Stowe.) I was on the wrong side of the stage for Emily Vancamp but she and Ken had a great conversation about being Canadian and she was a total sweetheart.

After getting Gabriel Mann, Conner Paolo and Christa B Allen outside, Ken decided it was time he got into the show because of how fantastic this cast really is.


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