CinemaCon 2012 – Thursday

Thursday the awards were handed out and the celebrities were in and out of Caesars so fast it was hard to keep track of them all!

 Taylor loved this photo

The highlight of the trip was finally getting local boy Taylor Kitsch. He says he never gets back to Vancouver and as a big fan of Friday Night Lights it was awesome to get him on a couple 11x14s for the collection. We might have been a couple of the very few people that actually enjoyed John Carter, and are really looking forward to Battleship. Brooklyn Decker also attended and we got her on a single, a Battleship poster and a Kitsch dual.

Been a fan of Charlize Theron for quite a few years and heard she wasn’t the best signer but she had no problem coming over and doing the one photo we had. 
We are HUGE comic book fans and are beyond excited for Jeremy Renner to be at CinemaCon. He was surrounded by bodyguards the entire time and it was really difficult to get him to come over but eventually we managed to get his attention and got him on 2 Avengers images. 
We knew Anna Faris would be amazing after such a great experience with her at TIFF, and as expected, she was fantastic. When asked to sign she told us to come over to her because her shoes hurt her feet and she didn’t want to walk too much. 

Not to be forgotten were autographs from Michelle Pfeiffer on an amazing Batman image, Chloe Moretz  signed a couple Dark Shadows photos and Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann on Knocked Up and 40 Year Old Virgin images.


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