Jodie Foster and William Fichtner

You know it’s slow in Vancouver when the entire population of Vancouver (and Seattle!) autographers come out for Jodie Foster and William Fichtner. I think we counted 11 people there asking for autographs.

We’ve heard Jodie can be strict 1per or 2per but on this occasion, even with the huge crowd, she signed almost everything everyone had. We kind of wished we had printed more for her, but still got our two done.

William Fichtner is one of those character actors that is great in everything he’s done and we were excited to get him on some Batman stills. He was a very cool guy and signed a bunch for everyone as well.

Vancouver airport has to be the best airport for autographs in the world. There’s a nice railing that you have to walk down to get to the greeting area and it acts as an organized barrier that the graphers just line up on and the celebrity walks down the line (like at a premiere or red carpet) and signs along the line. We can usually get more autographs out of celebrities up here due to the organization and the comfort they feel with the safety of the barrier.

One of the visiting graphers (who comes up regularly) from Seattle @btwizzle1981 commented on his twtter: “One thing I really like about u guys up there is in a crowd situation everyone lines up, is respectful of each other & polite. There’s no pushing, shoving, going over the top of each other, or other crazy nonsense that is not necessary. Makes things go smoother, puts the celeb at ease, and allows everyone to get what they want. Graphers in other cities could learn a thing or 2..”

(the railing lineup as seen from Leven Rambin’s instagram – Logan Lerman & Alexandra Daddario signing)

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