The Leo Awards

 The Leo Awards took place Saturday night in Vancouver. If you don’t know, the Leo Awards celebrate BC actors and productions. The main reason we went? Sanctuary and Sara Canning.

Now to start this post off, you need to understand BC actors. They’re mostly “bit players.” The ones that attend the Leos are the actors who you’ve probably seen in a show you enjoy. Each of these actors knows us very well and are extremely happy to see us. To them, being asked for an autograph is an honor. Actors like Ben Cotton, Patrick Gilmore, Ryan Robbins, etc. These guys are extremely appreciative of their fans.

The evening started off with Ryan Robbins. He was a little hard to pick out at first because he had grown out super shaggy hair and a beard. When we asked him about it he said he was cast as a regular in Hell on Wheels season 2. Ryan was super cool, talked for a long while about his dogs.

Next up were Ben Cotton and Patrick Gilmore who both greeted us with hugs. Patrick Gilmore was so excited to be asked to sign autographs that he asked to sign another graphers chest and posted it on twitter. Such cool guys.

We’ve been hearing that the LA guys are super excited anytime they get up to Christopher Heyerdahl. He’s been known to us for awhile with his Supernatural and Sanctuary roles but now in LA he’s very prominent with Hell on Wheels and the new season of True Blood (which he’ll be the bad guy). He couldn’t tell me too much about the new TB season as it’s kept pretty wrapped but told me that I’ll really love this season.

This was our first time getting Emilie Ullerup. She was in a bit of a rush to get inside but her boyfriend Kyle Cassie was extremely excited when I had a photo for him to sign.

The very sweet Amanda Tapping (co-host of the awards) came right over to us and signed for everyone. She looked amazing in her dress and after signing she said to me, it’s so good to see you again! We get up to Amanda about twice a year but when we do, she’s a sweetheart. 

Sanctuary cast continued with Agam Darshi. She was unconfirmed to show so we were the only people with photos for her. Not pictured is Robin Dunne who we also got a couple times but that guy is quick and I couldn’t snap any photos.

I have no idea why, but all the Vancouver graphers were extremely excited for Keegan Connor. I honestly wasn’t entirely sure who she was, but got her on a couple Blue Fairy Once Upon A Time photos. She was happy to sign but very overwhelmed by the swarm of graphers around her. I still don’t understand why everyone else was going nuts for her. Also pictured is Kacey Rohl signing for us.

The last person to arrive was the fashionably late Kandyse McClure. She signed all our photos but on the one picture above, she instead signed her character name instead of her signature. She was a little rushed to get in.

Sara Canning looked stunning and was very happy to see us and sign for us. We had A LOT of photos for her (being huge Vampire Diaries fans) and she was very happy to sign them all. We even completed a dual 11×14 of her and Matthew Davis that we’ve been holding onto for awhile.

Also not pictured, Bradley Stryker, Brent Butt and his wife Nancy Robertson, Ali Liebert or Brandon J McLaren. Over 100 signed photos in one evening. Not bad.



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