June Autograph Giveaway!

Calling all Hunger Games and Twilight fans!

We’re doing our first ever autograph giveaway!

Twilight and Hunger Games have been a very large part of our business; Twilight filmed in Vancouver and we traveled to North Carolina for The Hunger Games filming and Los Angeles for the premiere.

You can win one of these signed photos – Alexander Ludwig (Cato from THG) and Boo Boo Stewart (Seth Clearwater from Twilight)

All you have to do to enter is write a comment of which movie is your favorite and why! (Please also include your first name, location and email address so we can contact you if you win!)

Two winners will be chosen based on the best entries on June 30th!

Good luck!


8 thoughts on “June Autograph Giveaway!

  1. My favorite movie is The Hunger Games. It's my favorite because while it's not an entirely new concept, it brings up some very important questions that I think it's target audience (teens) need to think about. The movie did a fantastic job of bringing the book to life, and I can't wait to see the next one.
    Also Alexander Ludwig is from Vancouver, so how can you not love him?!?!
    Location: Vancouver, BC
    Mia M ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. gotta love the hunger games! The movie has its amazing way to make us feel and connect with the characters! And alexander is just amazing as cato he made me love the character even more than the book, which i already love! The story has all the ingredients every teenager and even any person loves- romance, action, adventure, 1st person character who makes us feel we are him/her, even suspence and horror! It is defenitely one of the best movies ever in my concern!
    And i do love twilight as well ๐Ÿ™‚
    Location: Portugal

    Veronica ^^

  3. My favorite movie ever, not just between these two is certainly THE HUNGER GAMES!
    I am one of the biggest 'Tributes' (HG fanbase) you can find..
    The story line is amazing, i love how Suzanne wrote the books, I have read the trilogy 7 times! haha ๐Ÿ™‚
    I think all of the actors were perfect for their roles in the movie too!
    I love how it doesn't have a 'happy ending' like most movies/stories nowadays and how the hero is a girl.
    The story sends shivers through my spine since who knows? Suzanne could be Katniss Everdeen who has come back in time to worn us all about The Hunger Games! hahahaha!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I have a Twitter, 3 FB pages and a Tumblr and Instagram all dedicated to THG and the cast ๐Ÿ™‚
    I love Alexander too because he is the perfect Cato, played the villain role brilliantly! ๐Ÿ™‚
    So thank you and May The Odds Be Ever In All The Other Commenters Favor ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Location: Dublin, Ireland.
    Email: @lulububblegumanderson@gmail.com
    Lucy Anderson ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hey guys! My favourite book series in the WORLD is The Hunger Games Trilogy. My favourite film ever is also, The Hunger Games! I'm really into dystopian societies, and personally I really relate to the character of Katniss, as I too have a younger sister, very similar to Prim, and I would do anything for her. Alexander Ludwig is one of my FAVOURITE actors in the world, I think he performed the part of Cato impeccably! He really captured the cruelty and monstrous essence of Cato, but really made me sympathise with him as Cato fell to his death, which was just perfect acting and it just showed that Cato, too, was also a piece in The Games. I really idolise Alexander, and I've tried to get his attention MANY times on twitter, and have succeeded once! I would LOVE to get the signed photo of him, because I'm moving to Hong Kong soon, and there's barely any chance I could meet him or have any memorabilia of him there. Thank you so much for reading,

    Location: London, England, UK
    EMAIL: hansika.raja@gmail.com
    NAME: Hansika Raja, (nickname: Han)

  5. Although I do love both I gotta go with The Hunger Games. Those books and the movie are simply amazing. The story of katniss and everything she goes through has moved me and inspired me. The Hunger Games shows how far a person would go to protect the ones they love. Its not just a love story its much, much more than that. Its about courage and sacrifice. I read the first book when it first came out and I knew it was going to be a hit. The film was perfectly done and showed exactly what the books are about.
    Location: Florida Miami
    Name: Michelle Perez
    email: michellenperez@Hotmail.com

  6. I am a HUGE Hunger Games fan!! This would be so amazing to win!!! XD The Hunegr Games is an amazing books seris/movie because of so many reasons! Firts of all the charecters are great, easy to relate with and real. And the message it send about the horrible affects of war and violence are what people need to hear!It's not just a love story, it is much much more then that! It really is about hope, courage, and so much more! I absletutly love the Hunger Games! They are the best books ever!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ They are great reads, hard to put down, almost non stop action and suspence. They are so great! ๐Ÿ˜€ Suzzane Collins is an amazingly creative and imaginitive writer! She does such a good job at writing so you feel emotions. Like when Cato (Played perfectly by Alex) died, you relized that he was not an evil villan after all, he was just a messed up kid cought up in this horrible game. And when Rue died I actually really really felt like crying. In Catching fire She did an amazing job with the diffrent emotions and hitting all the charecters spot on! Although Mockingjay was a bit depressing, mainly because a lot of your favourite charecters die, it was still a good book, because it showed what happens in a world caught up in horrific stuff. Also it shows you how one kid can make a diffrence, Katniss, (and obveously a lot of other people, but it was Katniss who gave evreyone strenght to keep going) is so srong, even though her world is falling apart, she is so insipering. And the movie was amazing as well!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Gary ross did an excelent job of making these amazing books into an amazing movie! The casting was perfect, and even though there were missing sceanse, and some added scense, I thought it was excelent! I though the added perspective of the game makers room while Katniss was fighting for her light while fire ragged behinde her, and in the game makers room they were so quite and nonsalant about taking a ids life. I thought that was perfect! And the little capotial kids oplaying around with a fake sowrd pretending to kill each other was a great thing to add becuase it showed how ignorint the capotial people are. It shows how strong people can be! All in all I think that the Hunger Games is easily one of the best, if not the best books I have ever read, or will ever read!! I am SUCH a HUGE fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have Hunger Games earrings that I wear like evrey day, and a twitter acount mainly/only used for Hunger Games Obsesing!! X) There is so much depth and awesomeness in these books! XD Cant wait for the Catching Fire movie to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I set my alram to say, If Peeta and Katniss can survive The Hunger Games twice, then you can get up! X) It gets me up! ;P This would be sooooooooo amazing to win becasue I am such a huge fan! I love alex, perfect Cato!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!! And may the odds be ever in your favour!!!!
    Name: Samara N
    Email: smnblank@gmail.com
    Location: Toronto Canada

  7. I love Twilight Saga! I am huge fan of vampires and werewolves. I like romantic stories and adventure books, so Twilight is perfect. Edward and Bella love is big. No, huge. There drawing moments are appearing. Also, “fight” between Jacob and Edward, only for Bella. Books are always better than movies, but.. There's Taylor Lautner and Booboo Stewart! Shirtless! That's next reason, hehe. ๐Ÿ™‚ I've got twitter account, only for Twilight. Account, where I am fan, just like many of teenagers. ๐Ÿ™‚ I love TWILIGHT!! Thank you.

    Name: Anna Z
    Email: booboo.stewart@interia.pl
    Location: Zakopane, Poland

  8. I love both but if I had to pick it'd have to be … ( drum roll please ) … The Hunger Games .. I loved the books way before anyone knew about them and was very excited when I found out there would be a movie.. I love how it can make you smile at happy parts, make you cry at your favourite characters death, make you feel like getting a spear out and killing certain characters…. Cato-style…It can make you sad , happy and some ….. unidentified feelings ….throughout the books. I love the plot and how it's something that has a possibility of happening .. it sends out a message of how we should be helping others .. like developing countries which i think of as the districts… but what really stood out for me ..( out of the many , MANY things ) are the characters… how real they are.. how you can relate with them in situations … how you can be inspired by them … I fell in love with Peeta .. not only his hotness but his personality… his love , passion, compassion .. how he would risk his life for Katniss .. his loyalty .. his courage … every girl needs a Peeta in her life but truth is … there is no-one like him… Katniss… where to I begin… she is an inspiration and a little like me.. i too have a sibling and would do anything to keep them safe … i could not imagine if that ever happened .. i love how she never lost hope .. gave it her all and would do anything to keep her family alive at any cost… I think that when Stephanie wrote the books she was perfect at making us feel all the emotions possible … As for Cato…( played by the GORGEOUS Alexander ) He was just caught up in one big lie from the Capitol .. at first i hated him .. but then i realized it was just the way he grew up.. winning something like The Hunger Games would mean everything anyone from District one ever dreamed of…. I cried when Rue died and couldn't stop until the movie ended … I have met Amandla and Dayo aka Rue and Thresh and they called me THG's number one fan… Thank you for reading … Fingers Crossed

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