Genevieve Padalecki


Yesterday Genevieve Padalecki was out in Vancouver with her husband Jared and baby Thomas. We opted to ask Genevieve for her autograph seeing as she is very hard to get. She doesn’t fly and obviously isn’t on set (except for the rare visit). Jared was grateful to not be asked and was very cheerful and chatted to us for awhile while proudly showing off baby Thomas and his USA attire.

Genevieve is an absolute sweetheart and we love those two.


2 thoughts on “Genevieve Padalecki

  1. Was the baby's nanny there too? I wondered who is the other lady with the nice French manicure holding the buggy while Genevieve signs for you in the first picture?

  2. Looks like a nanny, i saw a few other pics of a woman with them, she was in a green tshirt jeans and flip flops. They probably already have a nanny seeing as Jared's started filming season 8 and must be super busy. Also Gen and all her siblings had a nanny growing up so i wouldn't be surprised if they'd already decided to get one.

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