September Autograph Giveaway!

To celebrate the start of Once Upon A Time Season 2 (it premieres September 30th!) we will be giving away this Josh Dallas & Ginnifer Goodwin dual signed photo!

Josh and Ginny have always been very cool to us and are one of the reasons we’re happy Once is back for season 2!
There are 4 ways you can enter; do all 4 and be entered multiple times!!
1) Comment on this blog – include your name and email
2) Follow @OutlawHobbies on twitter. Make this post for an additional entry:
I entered to win a Josh Dallas & Ginnifer Goodwin signed 8×10 from @OutlawHobbies! RT for your chance to win 
3) Like us on Facebook! OutlawHobbies
In addition to the contest, 5% from the proceeds of every sale of a Once Upon A Time item from either our ebay or webstore will be donated to Robert Carlyle’s charity With Kids Glasgow 
Good luck! A winner will be chosen and notified on September 15th!


28 thoughts on “September Autograph Giveaway!

  1. I totally love Once Upon A Time, as so much do, obviously.. I really would looovee to have that picture, 'cause, in te first place, in Holland it's so hard to get anything of OUAT at all (since it's only broadcasted on a channel not many people have in their television-offer). And second, Josh and Ginny are absolutely amazing and do a great job in the series, OUAT really changed a lot for me, it taught me f.e. not everything is just good or bad/black or white, but there is this big grey area almost everyone of us are in, in which it's hard to decide whether someone is good or bad. Therefore I'ld really like to win this picture :)!

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  3. This is really cool! I would be so excited to win, as I am a huge fan of the show. Can't wait for the next season and to meet all the new characters, but of course to see Charming & Snow again. 🙂 Thank you for the giveaway!!!

    Kristi S.

  4. I can't tell you how incredible it would be to have this. I've had SUCH a crush on Goodwin ever since the premiere of “Big Love.” This would especially make the hit I got of going to TIFF and only getting four “star” autographs not sting quite as much. My email is

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