Top 20 TIFF wish list

Taking a page out of Canadagraphs book, we’ve decided to create a Top 20 wish list for people we want to get autographs from this year. Most of the people on this list we’ve already gotten multiple times before (like Jennifer Lawrence & Ryan Gosling) but it’s always nice to get them again. A couple people on this list aren’t *confirmed* to attend, but there’s a good chance they show, and it will be nice to get them. And laugh all you want at Joseph Gordon Levitt (the guy is notorious for not signing autographs, EVER) but he was awesome in Dark Knight Rises, and there’s a reason it’s called “Most Wanted.”

1) Emma Watson

2) Olga Kurylenko

3) Marion Cotillard

4) Rachel McAdams

5) Gemma Arterton

6) Nina Dobrev

7) Jude Law

8) Lily Collins

9) Johnny Depp

10) Aaron Johnson

11) Jennifer Lawrence

12) Mary Elizabeth Winstead

13) Hugo Weaving

14) Abbie Cornish

15) Chris Evans

16) Joseph Gordon Levitt

17) Saoirse Ronan

18) Vanessa Hudgens

19) Ryan Gosling

20) Christina Hendricks

As of this post we’ve already completed 3/20 with Hendricks, Cotillard & Johnson.


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