Jensen Ackles – Family Day Long Weekend

Monday is Family Day in British Columbia – and with that Jensen Ackles and the SPN cast get a 3 day weekend.

Jensen left this morning after coming to the airport straight from set. He said he couldn’t wait to get on the plane where he crashes instantly, before the plane even takes off.

He talked a bit about the LARP episode, and how it was a fun episode for him. He mentioned during his Braveheart scene: “It wasn’t supposed to turn out that way, it kind of backfired on me but we went with it.

Always an amazing guy. Check out the shirtless picture we got signed that he had a bit of a laugh with.


4 thoughts on “Jensen Ackles – Family Day Long Weekend

  1. If you see again sometime soon, could you ask him why he thinks it backfired on him? It was great! 🙂 He was great in that episode(well in all episodes but most fans I know are hoping he gets cast as a medieval knight in something after that episode:))

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