Parkland – Zac Efron, James Badge Dale, Bitsie Tulloch, Tom Welling

Zac seems to be a frequent TIFF attendee and is starting to know his way out of the Toronto airport. We were lucky to get a couple autographs off him before they rushed him to his vehicle
Zac autographs:

We’ve been James Badge Dale fans since The Pacific and he was awesome in Iron Man 3. Super cool guy, signed all our photos. 
James Badge Dale autographs:
Bitsie Tulloch is always a sweetheart when we go to Portland for Grimm and at TIFF she was still amazing and signed our photos.
Bitsie Tulloch autographs:

Tom Welling wasn’t easy in Vancouver, except for a few exceptions when we got up to him one on one. TIFF he was almost the same, barely signing on the red carpet, not wanting to sign at the after party and trying to sneak through on his flight out.
Tom Welling autographs:


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