A little sample of January so far

A few photos of people we’ve autographed this past month; while we can’t take pics of everyone signing for us (I’m looking at you speedy Stephen Amell) we try our best!

Tom Cavanagh is one of the coolest guys in the city and we’re excited to see how Reverse Flash plays out

Tom Cavanagh 2015 2Tom Cavanagh 2015

Rose McIver must borrow from best friend Jennifer Morrison’s wardrobe because I’m pretty sure JMO owns that hat

Rose McIver 2015

Imogen Poots the sweetest woman we’ve ever met. And so beautiful in person

Imogen Poots 2015 2Imogen Poots 2015

Victoria Smurfit, such a kind woman.

Victoria Smurfit 2015 2Victoria Smurfit 2015

And of course, we can’t leave out the always awesome regulars, John Barrowman, Grant Gustin and Jensen Ackles.

Grant Gustin sort ofJensen Ackles 2015John Barrowman 2015

Also, Emilie DeRavin signing after leaving town on a Monday (very odd)

Emilie De Ravin 2015


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